Undergraduate Research

Potential Faculty Research Mentors


Potential Grauate Student Research Mentors

The following link contains a list of graduate students interested in supervising undergraduate research projects. They have volintarily given their names and information so feel free to contact them.  We recommend making appointments to meet with at least 3 graduate students and, after meeting, choosing the one that you think would be the best fit.  You do not need to prepare anything for the initial meeting, instead just have a breif converstation and ask them to tell you about what they do.


Student Resources

The following document contains a link to a list of possible ways of getting credit for particilating in undergraduate research.  The UROP and Directed Study courses are great ways to get involved!

Undergraduate Research Seminar

Tuesdays at 2:30pm in 130 Ford Hall

Harini Chandramouli is starting a new research seminar where undergrads present their recent work.  Recently started doing research? Reading a book or a paper?

Contact Harini ( about giving a talk in this super welcoming and low-stress environment. All are welcome to attend!

For more information visit the website:


Other information can be found at the UMN math webpage:



Other Resources

Resources at the U

WISE (Women in CSE) - Programs for undergraduate and graduate students, and the Distinguished Scientists and Engineers from Underrepresented Groups Speakers Series.

UMN Math Department



"Female Science Professor"



"A PhD is Not Enough"

"Ms. Mentor's Impeccable Advice to Women in Academia"

"What the Best College Teachers Do"


High School Students

Headlines and Deadlines for Students - Current information of events in mathematical sciences, geared towards students (and non-gender specific).


Graduate Students: General

Graduate Study in the Computer and Mathematical Sciences: A Survival Manual

How to be a Good Graduate Student


"Career Options for Women in the Mathematical Sciences" 
This IMA workshop was held April 2-4, 2009, to help familiarize women in the mathematical sciences with professional opportunities in industry and government labs. Speakers and panelists included women from industry, national labs, and academia. All talk abstracts and video of the talks can be found online at The following talks may be of particular interest to graduate students:

1. Planning Ahead:

This talk discusses steps graduate students can take along the way to help themselves when they need to apply for jobs.

2.  How to Write a Grant:
This talk gives advice about how to write a grant to national fundingagencies, such as the NSF.

3. Leadership Skills and Developing a Technical Research Program:
This talk discusses some differences between research-oriented and teaching-oriented schools.

4. Interviewing Skills:
This talk discusses interviewing for industrial and academic positions.

5. Using Mathematics to Transform Communities:
Ever wonder what you could do with a PhD besides teach or work in industry? In this talk, Tanya Moore discusses how she her PhD in biostatistics led her to work in non-profit organizations.


Similar Math Groups Outside the U

The Noetherian Ring at UC Berkeley

Resources for Women in Math

Key Issues: Women in Math

Women in Math Project


Professonal Organizations

The Association for Women in Mathematics

Mathematical Association of America

American Mathematical Society

Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Canadian Mathematical Society 

Institute of Advanced Study