Mathematics Project at Minnesota


Mathematics Project at Minnesota

is a 4-day workshop for undergraduates underrepresented in mathematics.  
The workshop will take place January 14-17, 2020.
The workshop is focused on...

Community Building



If you’re interested in mathematics in any capacity, the Mathematics Project at Minnesota (MPM) offers
  • A special welcome to mathematics at the University of Minnesota
  • An opportunity to form supportive relationships with peers, graduate students, and faculty mentors
  • A fun and engaging four days of math

Participants are invited via e-mail.  If you would like to be considered for an invitation, please e-mail one of the coordinators. There are no costs or prerequisites to participating in MPM as it is fully funded. This workshop is supported by:

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

University of Minnesota Mathematics Department


MPM 2019

Organizers: Alice Nadeau, Harini Chandramouli, Kim Klinger-Logan, McCleary Philbin

Mentors: Sunita Chepuri, Esther Banaian, Sarah Brauner, Raelynn Swanson, Greg Michel

Counselors: Claire Frechette, Liam Keenan, Olivia Cannon, Rebecca Rechkin, Sarah Gorman, Julie Sherman.

Participants: Ashley Agwatu, Audrey Hyke, Aunya Mukherjee, Bernardo Bianco Prado, Bridget Carpenter, Cara Nix, Cat Lewis, Changchang Chen, David Humenik, Emily Kimball, Kexin Wang, Lila Sahar, Meredith Shipp, Myha Nguyen, Nhung Pham, Sarah Storla, Song Yiping, Sophie Perron, Victoria Travis, Wanlin Hu


MPM includes...


Community Building

Game, activities and meals together will foster a rich sense of community amoung participants.



As part of MPM you will be paired with a graduate student mentor (Pal) who can support you as you advance through the mathematics major.  We even provide funds for you and your Pal to kick off this relationship over coffee!


Professional Development

Meet recent graduates and professionals with degrees in mathematics and learn about how their careers were shaped by their mathematics degrees.

Work on application documents like resumes, cover letters, or personal statements.


Orientation to the field of mathematics

During a four day program that begins on January 14, 2019 and directly proceeds the beginning of spring semester you will

Meet fellow mathematics students with similar interests so that when classes begin you will have a network of friends and familiar faces in your math classes

Learn about services and resources for academic success through discussion about study strategies and the U of M’s academic culture

Engage in upper level mathematics by working on collaborative problem-solving sets, participating in a brief research experience, and writing a short research paper

Meet the faculty members and graduate students who teach math classes at Minnesota--who will advise you as you choose classes and help you identify your strengths


The Logistics

The workshop takes place January 14-17, 2019. We will start at 11:30am on the 14th and meet from 9am to 5pm with optional dinner at 5:15pm the 15th-17th .

All your meals are on us during the four day program, including (optional) dinners on January 14th, 15th and 16th.

If you live in the dorms, we will provide support for you to return early.  



Tentative Schedule

DAY 1: Tuesday 1/14

11:30am Check in 

12:00pm Lunch & Introductions and Icebreakers 

1:00pm Breakout Session 1: Individual Projects or Math Puzzles 

2:00pm 3 Minute Thesis Icebreaker 

2:30pm Visit Ugrad Math Office 

3:00pm Breakout Session 2: Individual Projects or Math Puzzles 

4:00pm Growth Mindset Workshop

5:15pm Dinner and Book Discussion


DAY 2: Wednesday 1/15

9:30am Summer Opportunities Workshop 

10:30am Visit Math Library

11:00am Mini Workshop 1

12:15pm Lunch & Monster Project 

1:30pm Breakout Session 3: Individual Projects or Math Puzzles 

3:00pm Diversity Training 

4:00pm Scavenger Hunt

5:15pm Dinner and Book Discussion


DAY 3:  Thursday 1/16

9:30am Imposter Syndrome Workshop 

10:30am Visit Grad Math Office 

11:00am Mini Workshop 2 

12:15pm Lunch and Implicit Biases Project 

1:30pm Math major requirements 

2:00pm Build a 4-year Plan

2:30pm Breakout Session 4: Individual Projects or Math Puzzles 

4:00pm Future Opportunities Panel 

5:15pm Dinner and Book Discussion


DAY 4: Friday 1/17

9:30am Meet Your Pal over Breakfast 

10:30am Resume Review 

11:30am Visit MCFAM

12:00pm Presentation of Individual Projects by Undergraduate Participants 

2:00pm Presentation of Awards 

2:30pm Excursion to the Bell Museum  




"MPM helped me realize that as long as I have the interest, there is nothing that can stop me from studying math, and I can have fun while doing it."

“I think that all STEM departments need to have a program like MPM to help them retain underrepresented individuals."

"[At MPM I saw] many successful women in math as well as other peers who are enjoying their math journeys...[This] encourages me to continue with math so much.

"MPM is solely responsible for me finding and later obtaining my current internship."

"I dare to say that if I had not participated in MPM, I may not have stayed in the math department. The program gave me a community and the confidence to stay [in math].”

"At MPM, I met people I related to that became study partners, friends, and mentors. I also met people who were there for me when [some] math classes seemed impossible to pass. "


Richard McGehee

Harini Chandramouli



McCleary Philbin



Esther Banaian



Sarah Brauner